Adjunct Faculty

  • Research Interests
    • Environmental Systems Analysis
    • Computerization, Automation and Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Systems
    • Water and Land Resources Management for River Basin
    • Environmental Carrying Capacity and Sustainable Development
    • Water and Wastewater Management Systems
    • Optimization of Planning and Designing of Sewer and Water Distribution Networks
    • Cost and Fee for Pollution Prevention
    • Environmental Information Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems
  • Chung-Te Lee

    Professsor Emeritus
    Research Interests
    • Aerosol Characterization
    • Long-range Transport Aerosol
    • Measurement of Aerosol Water Content
    • High Altitude Aerosol
    • Continuous Measurement of Aerosol Property
    • Statistic and Analysis of Air Quality Data
  • Research Interests
    • Industrial Safety and Health
    • Exposure Risk Assessment
    • Environmental Statistics
    • Environmental Models
  • Gwo-Dong Roam

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Research Interests
    • Environmental Biotechnology
    • Water Pollution
    • Soil Pollution
    • Air Pollution Control Technology
    • Environmental Management
    • Nano-technology Environmental Applications
    • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Leon Tzou

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Research Interests
    • Air Quality Management
    • Water Quality Management
    • Hazardous Waste Management
    • Toxic Substance Management
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Industrial Hygiene and Safety
    • Environmental Engineering Laboratory Management and Operations
    • Quality Assurance and Management
  • Research Interests
    • Air Quality Modeling
    • Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
    • Regional Climate
    • Air Quality Forecasting
  • Jiunn-Horng Yeh

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Research Interests
    • Drinking Water Management Policies and Regulations
    • Water Pollution Control Policies and Regulations
    • Waste Management Policies and Regulations
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Policies and Regulations
  • Wan-Li Liao

    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Research Interests
    • Wastewater Treatment Engineering
    • Engineering of Solid & HazardousWaste Treatment
    • Environmental Engineering Economics