Emeriti Faculty

  • Chaio-Fuei Ouyang

    Professsor Emeritus
    Research Interests
    • Sewage Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering Bioprocessing
    • Water Reuse
  • Dyi-Hwa Tseng

    Professsor Emeritus
    Research Interests
    • Water and wastewater
    • Solid waste
    • Soil and groundwater pollution
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Environment and resource management
    • Environmental education
    • Innovative and Alternative Technologies of Chemical and Biological Methods
    • Remediation Technologies of Toxic and Non-biodegradable Pollutants
    • Recovery, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Materials
    • Recycling, Reclamation and Reuse of Water and Wastewater
  • Jiunn-Fwu Lee

    Professsor Emeritus
    Research Interests
    • Transport of Toxic & Hazardous Substances in the Environment
    • Sorption Properties of Modified Clays
    • Volatilization Characteristics of Organic Compound on Water Solutions
    • The Effects of Surfactants on the Fates of Organic Contaminants
    • Surface Sorption Phenomena of the Porous Media
  • Shu-Liang Liaw

    Professsor Emeritus
    Research Interests
    • Environmental Systems Analysis
    • Computerization, Automation and Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Systems
    • Water and Land Resources Management for River Basin
    • Environmental Carrying Capacity and Sustainable Development
    • Water and Wastewater Management Systems
    • Optimization of Planning and Designing of Sewer and Water Distribution Networks
    • Cost and Fee for Pollution Prevention
    • Environmental Information Management Systems and Geographic Information Systems
  • Chung-Te Lee

    Professsor Emeritus
    Research Interests
    • Aerosol Characterization
    • Long-range Transport Aerosol
    • Measurement of Aerosol Water Content
    • High Altitude Aerosol
    • Continuous Measurement of Aerosol Property
    • Statistic and Analysis of Air Quality Data