The Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering (GIEE) at NCU was expanded from the Environmental Engineering Division in the Department of Civil Engineering. Currently we have 8 core faculty members, 12 adjunct professors,147 graduate students, and over 996 alumni.

GIEE offers the Doctor of Philosophy degree, as well as the Master of Science degree for both full-time students and working professionals who enroll as part-time students. In addition to a complete curriculum for graduate programs and undergraduate-level courses in the discipline of Environmental Engineering, GIEE offers courses of the credit- and certificate-programs in association with the Environmental Professionals Training Institute of the Taiwan EPA.

There are 5 long-term developing themes in GIEE, including sustainable environmental technology, sustainable environmental management, environmental resource circulation, new energy development, and industrial safety and hygiene. In particular, we focus on research related to high quality physical-chemical and biological technology, environmental nano-technology, environmental analysis technology, life cycle analysis, emerging contaminant detection, etc.

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