• Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering  (2006–2010)
  • M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering  (2004–2006)
  • B.S., National Chung Hsing University, Department of Environmental Engineering  (1998–2002)
Professional Positions
  • Sustainable development and social responsibility office Section Chief, National Central University(Sep 2023-present)
  • Assistant/Associate Professor Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering  ( Aug, 2015-July 2019)
  • Engineer, New Material R&D Dept of CHINA STEEL CORPORATION  (July, 2012-July 2015)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering  ( Feb, 2012- Jun, 2012)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Civil and Environmental Engineering  ( Feb, 2010- Feb 2012)
Research Interests
  • Water and wastewater treatment and reclamation
  • Emerging Contaminants in Drinking Water Distribution System
  • Development of reverse electrodialysis (RED)
  • Membrane Fouling Diagnosis
  • Qualification and quantification of microplastics in water system
  • Physical and chemical recycle of thermoplastic polymers
Journal PublicationsMore

Tran, Q.T.P. and Lin, P.-H.* (2022) "Optimizing the recovery process of ceramic grade calcium fluoride from hydrofluoric/hexafluorosilicic acid wastewater", Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 333. doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2021.130125. (SCI).


Lin, P.-H.*, Horng, R.-Y., Hsu, S.-F., Chen, S.-S., Ho, C.-H. "A Feasibility Study of Ammonia Recovery from Coking Wastewater by Coupled Operation of a Membrane Contactor and Membrane Distillation." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2018. 15(3): p. 441.


Ou, Hsin-Hung, Tran, Quynh Thi Phuong, Lin, P.-H.* "A synergistic effect between gluconate and molybdate on corrosion inhibition of recirculating cooling water systems." Corrosion Science, 2018. 133: p. 231-239.


Chen, H.-J.*, Lin, P.-H., Lin, C.-W., Guo, G.-L., Ma, T.-Y., Lee, M.-S. "A study of simultaneous xylose and glucose biodegradation by Arthrobacter species isolated from soil", Journal of Residuals Science & Technology 2017; 14: 161-170, (SCI).


Yeh, M.-S., Ou, H.-H., Su, Y.-C., and Lin, P.-H.* "Design and Parameter Optimization of a Full-Scale Wastewater Reclamation Plant Including Pretreatment, Electrodialysis Reversal, and Ion Exchange in Steel Manufacturing Processes" Journal of Environmental Engineering, 142(10), 05016003, (SCI).


林伯勳、葉茂淞、李文雄、邱勝雄,(2014) 潤滑油之熱交換設備,中華民國專利新型第 M 480061號。

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